Well, the original idea that we had for Shelter From the Storm was to run a “classy place” that was affordable for “normal” people but as it turns out, we just aren’t that “classy” a couple. 

Sure, we’ve got the luxurious sheets and plush towels (because Donna is so darned picky) and we supply everything that you would expect from a first class operation. And of course, everything is kept impeccably clean and well maintained. And our concierge service (that would be me) is second to none. Ask for anything and it will be supplied; come with a problem and it will be solved. We are here to make your experience here unbelievably perfect.

                                        ----But that is not what we are all about-----

While all of the above may be true, the real atmosphere is just like being at home, except that you have someone to do all of that stuff that you don’t what to do; except cooking. We are NOT going to do that for you as we scarcely do it for ourselves. Well, OK, occasionally we will invite our guests to a barbecue or a pizza party. The only price of admission is that you have to listen to my horrible jokes and endless opinions. I will suggest that you step out of your comfort zone and will tell the kids to ride a horse without a helmet, eat only pizza if that’s what they want, or to not wait an hour after eating to jump into the pool. After all, it’s their vacation too!  

Book with us because of the luxurious facilities and the amenities, but stay for the adventure, laid-back vibe and the pure fun and joie de vive.   (That’s some of the very little French that I know and means “The Joy of Life”THAT is what we’re all about.

                            “Heaven on earth, perfect paradise, extraordinary beauty, comfort and delights.”  Glenda, on TripAdvisor